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Imagine your law firm securing the top spot on Google in an intensely competitive local market. Being at the pinnacle isn’t just about prestige; it’s a game-changer that can significantly boost  case numbers at your firm.

In the competitive world of legal SEO, a proven strategy can unlock your firm’s potential to outrank your competitors.

Don’t risk your firm’s search presence with someone unfamiliar with the legal market; opt for an agency with a track record of proven results with other winning law firms.

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Standout Months with 50+ Personal Injury Cases


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Two Main Opportunities For Law Firms To Rank Organically On Google

For attorneys, there are two key areas where they can earn  rankings through skill and strategy without paying Google:

Google Maps Rankings

Google Maps listings, prominently displayed above traditional results, are exclusively populated by Google Business Profiles. This space is a unique battleground where only local law firms can compete, and where large legal directories like Avvo are not permitted.

Maps Details

Google Organic Rankings

Below the Google Maps listings, the organic search results display a blend of local law firms, national legal directories, and esteemed publications. Here, law firms can excel through skillful SEO, link authority, and quality content.

Organic Details

“For over ten years, Adam Kline and his team have been more than service providers to Lamber Goodnow; they've been true partners in our business, which is personal injury law. Their commitment to excellence in digital marketing and SEO has directly contributed to our success, with standout months of over 50 signed personal injury cases.”

Marc Lamber
Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers

How We Rank Law Firms in the Top Local Spots on Google

Quality Legal Content

Creating the volume of content needed to rank on Google can be a demanding task. At Elevated, we take this off your plate, managing the entire content strategy and execution. Our approach includes devising a detailed content calendar, and our expert legal copywriters are dedicated to producing compelling content for location pages, service pages, in-depth guides, and more, ensuring your firm’s online presence is both robust and engaging.

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Links are vital for boosting your law firm’s website authority and validating its legitimacy to Google. A robust link profile is crucial for competing for highly competitive keywords. At Elevated, we steer clear of spammy practices like buying risky links. Instead, we’ve spent years cultivating a list of contacts at reputable websites that are ideal for law firms. Our strategy also includes strengthening local links through sponsorships and directories, ensuring your firm’s online authority is both organic and regionally focused. The Elevated link-building strategy is rooted in transparency. You’ll receive a detailed rundown of every link we acquire for you, the strategies used to secure them, and a clear breakdown of any expenses related to legal/business membership sites.

Local Optimization

Elevated harnesses a proven methodology to enhance and update your Google Business profile, ensuring it appears for a broad spectrum of legal services and keywords. We meticulously tailor your law firm’s website with local-specific content, maps, images, and code, finely tuning each element to clearly signal to Google the precise local areas where your firm should be prominently featured. This targeted approach is key to boosting your local visibility and relevance.

Google and Avvo Reviews

The power of reviews for your law firm is immense. They not only offer valuable insights and endorsements to prospective clients from others who’ve needed similar legal services but also signal to Google the quality and credibility of your firm – resulting in boosted maps rankings. At Elevated, we focus on providing proven strategies, tactics and tools to request and gain more reviews for your law firm.

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“In the competitive market of Orange County and the Inland Empire, Adam Kline and his team have been crucial in elevating Fontes Law Group's visibility. Over the past four years, their expertise in Google Ads and improving our search rankings has shifted us from being unnoticed online to being at the top when searching for legal services on Google. Their ability to turn the intricacies of digital marketing into actual cases has been a significant boon to our firm.”

Martin Fontes, Esq.
Fontes Law Group


Dominate Google Maps Rankings For Attorneys

Google Maps Rankings

In the highly competitive area of law firm Google Maps listings, Elevated strategically combines content, local links, reviews, and local signals to elevate law firms in local markets.

Our tailored content targets specific localities, enhancing relevance for high-intent keywords. Strong local links establish community authority, signaling prominence to Google. We offer tools and strategies to increase Google reviews, directly influencing Maps rankings.

This cohesive approach uniquely positions your firm to dominate in Google Maps and increase cases.

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Traditional Organic Rankings with a local focus

Organic Rankings

Organic rankings hold immense potential for law firms, offering a space where local firms are prominently featured alongside national directories and publications. Elevated Legal Marketing harnesses this opportunity by implementing expert SEO tactics, building authoritative links, and crafting quality content. Our approach ensures your firm stands out in this diverse landscape, effectively competing with both local and national entities.

By optimizing for local nuances within these organic rankings, we position your firm not just to appear but to excel, capturing the attention of potential clients who, though not always specifying a location, are often seeking nearby legal expertise.

This strategic focus in the organic arena amplifies your firm’s visibility and accessibility, making it a go-to choice for those in need of legal services.

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Getting Started With Elevated: What To Expect

1. Initial Chat & Fit Assessment

Let’s start with a straightforward chat. We'll talk about what you're currently doing for marketing and introduce you to how we do things at Elevated. With your goals in mind, we'll give you a clear picture of the budget you'll need for things like ads, content and links. If it feels right, we'll schedule a follow-up to review a custom plan and proposal.

2. Tailored Plan & Proposal

Next, we take a deeper look at your firm's online presence and share what we see that is working and what could be better. You'll get a proposal from us that lays out everything - what we'll do, what it'll cost, and how we'll measure success. No surprises or long-term contracts. Just a clear plan you can get behind.

3. Dedicated Execution & Performance Tracking

With us, it's not just about ticking boxes; it's about partnership. As we set your custom plan into motion, you'll know exactly what we are working on. From content creation to link building, and website enhancements - you're informed, without being overwhelmed. You'll witness your firm's online advancement through our regular, straightforward updates and reports. Let's make your firm the one clients notice and connect with.