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Three Core Solutions To Increase Your Case Volume

Stand out in local search results to raise your law firm’s web traffic, lead generation, and intake of new cases.

Google Search Ads and Local Service Ads managed with precision to bring in local leads that matter to your law firm.

Websites crafted with care to improve your law firm’s image and increase client numbers, with clear, measurable outcomes.

Impactful Results for our clients


Standout Months with 50+ Personal Injury Cases


Increase In Search Engine Traffic


INcrease In Search Engine Traffic

“For over ten years, Adam Kline and his team have been more than service providers to Lamber Goodnow; they've been true partners in our business, which is personal injury law. Their commitment to excellence in digital marketing and SEO has directly contributed to our success, with standout months of over 50 signed personal injury cases.”

Marc Lamber
Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers

Tailored Marketing Strategies for Any Practice Area

Personal Injury

Specialized marketing strategies enhancing visibility and client acquisition for Personal Injury law firms.

Family Law & Divorce

Targeted marketing solutions for Family Law and Divorce firms, designed to connect with clients during critical life transitions.

Employment Law

Dynamic marketing approaches for Employment Law firms, focused on building client trust and expanding case engagements.

Immigration Law

Tailored marketing initiatives for Immigration Law firms, focusing on reaching diverse clientele, enhancing firm visibility and case levels.

Estate & Probate

Customized marketing tactics for Estate & Probate law firms, aimed at increasing client outreach and case resolution success.

Criminal Defense & DUI

Effective marketing solutions for Criminal Defense law firms, geared towards boosting reputation and attracting key clientele.

Bankruptcy Law

Strategic marketing solutions for Bankruptcy Law firms, designed to connect with clients seeking reliable financial legal guidance.

General or Specialized Law

Versatile marketing approaches for General or Specialized Law practices, catering to diverse legal needs with precision and expertise.

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“Our collaboration with Adam and his team for over 14 years has been nothing short of fantastic. Their responsiveness, innovative approach, and consistent delivery have been instrumental in our achievements at Fennemore. What sets them apart is their unique ability to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of deliverables – a rare gem in the world of web marketing. We're truly thankful for their expertise and dedication.”

Lindsay Moellenberndt


Michael P. Upshaw

Designed a sophisticated website for Michael Upshaw, former Attorney General of the Navajo Nation, emphasizing his extensive experience and focus on tribal legal services.

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Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers

Designed and optimized a high-ranking website for Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers, excelling in ultra competitive personal injury keywords across Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois.

Fontes Law Group

An elegant, bilingual website for Fontes Law Group, ranking for both English and Spanish keywords in Immigration, Criminal, and Family Law in Santa Ana and Riverside, California.


A comprehensive and expansive website for Fennemore, a forward-thinking Am Law 200 business law firm committed to embracing change and driving innovation. The design scales seamlessly with their rapid growth, encapsulating the firm’s extensive range of services and showcasing the expertise of over 300 legal professionals.

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Getting Started With Elevated: What To Expect

1. Initial Chat & Fit Assessment

Let’s start with a straightforward chat. We'll talk about what you're currently doing for marketing and introduce you to how we do things at Elevated. With your goals in mind, we'll give you a clear picture of the budget you'll need for things like ads, content and links. If it feels right, we'll schedule a follow-up to review a custom plan and proposal.

2. Tailored Plan & Proposal

Next, we take a deeper look at your firm's online presence and share what we see that is working and what could be better. You'll get a proposal from us that lays out everything - what we'll do, what it'll cost, and how we'll measure success. No surprises or long-term contracts. Just a clear plan you can get behind.

3. Dedicated Execution & Performance Tracking

With us, it's not just about ticking boxes; it's about partnership. As we set your custom plan into motion, you'll know exactly what we are working on. From content creation to link building, and website enhancements - you're informed, without being overwhelmed. You'll witness your firm's online advancement through our regular, straightforward updates and reports. Let's make your firm the one clients notice and connect with.