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At Elevated Legal Marketing, we harness the power of Google Ads to become a robust client-generation machine for your law firm. In the competitive and costly realm of these auction-style ads, our approach stands out.

We meticulously optimize your campaigns for the best ROI, focusing on keywords that not only attract clicks but convert to actual case signups.

Our tracking system monitors phone calls and case signups, offering transparent insights into each campaign’s effectiveness. This level of detail ensures we consistently refine our strategies, maximizing your investment and turning Google Ads into a transformative channel for client acquisition and firm growth.

Impactful Results for our clients


Standout Months with 50+ Personal Injury Cases


Increase In Search Engine Traffic


INcrease In Search Engine Traffic

Lawyers Can Pay To Rank In The Top Areas on Google

Google offers two main areas in the search results where attorneys can pay to have their firm listed:

Google Local Service Ads

Unlock the top spot in search results with Google Local Service Ads for Lawyers. These prominent, verified ads demand state bar membership and background checks, ensuring credibility while effectively attracting clients.

LSA Details

Google Pay Per Click Ads

Maximize your firm’s reach with Google Pay Per Click ads, strategically placed from above maps and throughout the organic search results. Experience instant rankings and prompt client engagement as your ads begin, setting your phones ringing with potential cases.

Be Ready:

  • Prepare for an Immediate increase in calls when starting with Google Paid Ads.
  • Ensure your intake team is primed to efficiently handle and qualify the surge in incoming leads at your firm.

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“For over ten years, Adam Kline and his team have been more than service providers to Lamber Goodnow; they've been true partners in our business, which is personal injury law. Their commitment to excellence in digital marketing and SEO has directly contributed to our success, with standout months of over 50 signed personal injury cases.”

Marc Lamber
Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers

How We Turn Google Ads into New Cases for Your Law FIrm

Optimal Keywords & Local Targeting

Selecting the right keywords to target is critical – there is a fine line between a significant influx of new clients and squandering precious advertising dollars. At Elevated Legal Marketing, our expertise lies in distinguishing high-performing keywords from budget drainers. We tailor our keyword strategies to align seamlessly with your firm’s local area, targeting a geographic region that’s an ideal fit for your law firm’s unique needs.

Campaign Setup & Persuasive Ad Copy

Crafting campaigns with a proven structure and creating compelling ad copy are key to engaging the right audience precisely when they’re most receptive. At Elevated Legal Marketing, we employ a tested formula for our ad content, specifically targeting high-intent clients. This approach ensures a steady flow of qualified leads, tailored to your firm’s unique objectives.

Continuous Optimization

As your campaign begins to gather momentum, generating impressions, clicks, and new clients, we engage in a rigorous data analysis process. At Elevated Legal Marketing, we identify key areas for improvement, whether that’s increasing investments in high-performing keywords, removing those that fall short, or adding negative keywords to refine lead quality. This ongoing optimization cycle ensures our clients see a continuous enhancement in their ROI, achieving better results month after month.

Tracking and ROI Reporting

Effective tracking is crucial to understanding the true performance of your campaigns. At Elevated, we utilize the most advanced online tools to meticulously track phone calls and accurately link new clients to their specific ad sources. You’ll have round-the-clock access to these insights, along with monthly in-depth reports and updates. This approach ensures you’re always informed about how your campaigns are translating into real-world client acquisitions and the impact on your ROI.

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“Our collaboration with Adam and his team for over 14 years has been nothing short of fantastic. Their responsiveness, innovative approach, and consistent delivery have been instrumental in our achievements at Fennemore. What sets them apart is their unique ability to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of deliverables – a rare gem in the world of web marketing. We're truly thankful for their expertise and dedication.”

Lindsay Moellenberndt

Google Local Service Ads For Attorneys

Direct Cals from Google Screened Ads

Google Local Service Ads offer a unique advantage for law firms: direct call leads from potential clients who never need to visit your website. Positioned at the top of Google search results, these ads target clients in your local area, providing a streamlined way for them to connect with your firm.

When someone searches for legal services, your ad appears prominently, showcasing a Google-vetted overview of your law firm. This includes essential details like your services, location, and client reviews, all under the reassuring banner of being a Google Guaranteed business. This guarantee, a mark of trust and quality, assures clients of your credibility and reliability, even offering refunds for unsatisfactory work booked through these ads.

Google Local Service Ads are a powerful tool for law firms, simplifying client acquisition with direct, qualified call leads, all backed by the trust and assurance of Google’s vetting process. Elevated Legal Marketing will walk you through the verification process and tailor the Google Service Ads and budget to maximize the amount of new clients per month.

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“In the competitive market of Orange County and the Inland Empire, Adam Kline and his team have been crucial in elevating Fontes Law Group's visibility. Over the past four years, their expertise in Google Ads and improving our search rankings has shifted us from being unnoticed online to being at the top when searching for legal services on Google. Their ability to turn the intricacies of digital marketing into actual cases has been a significant boon to our firm.”

Martin Fontes, Esq.
Fontes Law Group


Getting Started With Elevated: What To Expect

1. Initial Chat & Fit Assessment

Let’s start with a straightforward chat. We'll talk about what you're currently doing for marketing and introduce you to how we do things at Elevated. With your goals in mind, we'll give you a clear picture of the budget you'll need for things like ads, content and links. If it feels right, we'll schedule a follow-up to review a custom plan and proposal.

2. Tailored Plan & Proposal

Next, we take a deeper look at your firm's online presence and share what we see that is working and what could be better. You'll get a proposal from us that lays out everything - what we'll do, what it'll cost, and how we'll measure success. No surprises or long-term contracts. Just a clear plan you can get behind.

3. Dedicated Execution & Performance Tracking

With us, it's not just about ticking boxes; it's about partnership. As we set your custom plan into motion, you'll know exactly what we are working on. From content creation to link building, and website enhancements - you're informed, without being overwhelmed. You'll witness your firm's online advancement through our regular, straightforward updates and reports. Let's make your firm the one clients notice and connect with.