A Simple Guide To Finding The Best Keywords for Lawyers – It’s Like Fishing

Keywords for Lawyers – It’s Like Fishing

As an avid fisherman, I’ve come to understand the importance of using the right bait to catch the fish you’re after. This concept isn’t just applicable to fishing; it perfectly translates to the digital marketing world, especially when it comes to finding the best keywords for lawyers.

Think of Keywords Like Bait

You want to use the right bait to catch the fish you’re after. Keywords are your bait. The better you choose your bait, the more likely you are to catch the fish you want – in this case, clients.

Different Types of Keywords for Lawyers

There are lots of different “baits” you can use. Some are short, like “lawyer,” and some are long, like “how to file for divorce in California.” There are also questions like “Do I need a lawyer for a DUI?” Each type of keyword attracts a different kind of “fish.”

A Simple Example

Imagine you’re a family lawyer. If someone is just starting to think about divorce, they might search “Is divorce hard?” That’s one type of bait. But if they’re ready to hire a lawyer, they might search “best divorce lawyer near me.” That’s another type of bait. You want to have a mix so you can attract people no matter what stage they’re in.

Google Ads vs. Keyword Research: The Difference

Think of Google Ads as paying to jump to the front of the line. You’re basically saying, “I’ll pay to have my billboard shown first.” Keyword research for SEO is different. It’s about earning your way to the front by being the most relevant and helpful.

The Importance of the Right Keywords

Getting the right “bait” is crucial. The better your bait, the more likely you are to attract the clients you want. It’s not just about getting any fish; it’s about getting the right fish.

Where Keywords Live

Keywords should be everywhere on your website. Think of them as the theme of your billboard. They should be in the big headings, the small text, and even in the behind-the-scenes parts you don’t see, like the description that shows up in Google search results.

Why Getting It Right Matters

Using the wrong bait (or keywords) can mean attracting the wrong fish or no fish at all. It’s important to think about what your ideal clients are searching for and use those words on your website.

How to Find the Right Keywords

There are tools that can help you find the right bait. Google has a Keyword Planner tool that’s free. It shows you what people are searching for. There are also paid tools like Ahrefs that give you even more information.

Using Keywords the Right Way

Once you have your bait, you need to use it correctly. It’s not about stuffing as many keywords into your website as possible. It’s about using them in a way that feels natural and makes sense to the people reading your website.

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

It’s also smart to see what bait your competitors are using. If they’re catching a lot of fish, you might want to try some of the same bait they’re using.


Think of keyword research as the foundation of your billboard. It’s what makes sure the right people see it. With the right keywords, you can attract more clients who need the legal services you offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many keywords should I use? Start with a few that really match what you offer and what clients are looking for. You can always add more later.
  • How do I know if a keyword is good? Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to see how many people are searching for it. More searches usually mean it’s a good keyword.

By keeping things simple and focusing on finding and using the right keywords, you can make your law firm’s website more visible to the people who are looking for the services you offer.